Mosaic Crop Nutrition

Project Scope: Develop a responsive template-driven website that can be¬†administered via a content management system (Sitecore) and provide important agricultural information in an engaging way. Allow content creators to make and publish “featured articles”, “unfenced articles” and general articles.

Project Execution: Create a component-based responsive website using LESS, JQuery, HTML5 and minor use of plugins. First, the article templates were created. Some features of this site include resource section scroll-indicators, hot-spot map of crop attributes, a fertilizer use guide, a periodic table of elements and live filtering inside of the comprehensive resource library.

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About Page

The about page features event-driven JQuery animations, a modal containing a fully responsive carousel, and an animated accordion of Mosaic brand information.

Crop Nutrition About Gif









Resource Library

The resource library currently features six categories for users to choose from and live tag filtering of result items that fall under the given category. In addition to the option to add featured articles into the items listed under a given category, the items are paginated for users to quickly access more result items.

Crop Nutrition Resource Library