Crystal Farms & Simply Potatoes 2016 Banner Campaigns

Project Scope: Create the Harvest and Holiday 2016 campaign banners to be published on the DoubleClick platform. Banners must be made in three sizes: 160×600, 728×90, 300×250. The Harvest campaign requires twenty-one banners to be made. The Holiday campaign requires 18 banners to be made. All exported banner files & corresponding assets must be below 150kb. Banner are to have a duration of 10-15 seconds.

Project Execution: Use Google Web Design to develop HTML5 animated banners. To reduce the size of assets, png’s and jpg’s were run through compression software. Animations were mostly CSS3 based with minor javascript event handling (i.e. user clicks the banner and is directed to a specified URL).

NOTE: To view the following banners please ensure AdBlocker is disabled or open an incognito (private) window.